90s Fashion Accessories That We Want Back In Our Life

90's fashion accessories

In the ’90s, fashion was always a hit. From crop tops and overalls to Birkenstocks to matchy-matchy co-ords, your childhood self probably had some serious style credentials. Also, the clothes of that era were popular, but the 90’s fashion accessories were quite a hit. Most of the teen girls drooled on the fashion accessories of those times. And most of us would even want to rock those accessories today.

Here we have listed a few fashion accessories from the ’90s that we want to style again.

Butterfly Clips

Most of our favorite childhood celebrities use to wear it. Even Britney Spears rocked these clips a lot. Further, these clips were available in various pastel colors.

You can even rock these butterfly clips now to tuck away your bangs. Or decorate your pigtails with them.

Colorful Tattoo Chokers

A man wearing a neck tie

Fun-loving chokers in rainbow colors look elegant and so attractive. Further, they add an eye-catching element to a monochromatic outfit.

And we can see that chokers are entirely in the trend these days.

Snap Bracelets

Snap bracelets were colorful and attractive to look at. They were also a great fun thing when you are bored, like during long travels or math lessons.

So relive those carefree days in your next boring activities with these bracelets.


As a school kid in the 90s, you adorned your ponytails with amazing scrunchies. They were available in all forms of colors from pastel to bright. Further, the prints were unique.

And we know that even today, girls are fond of these fantastic scrunchies. They not only hold the hairs well but also make you look fashionable and presentable.


Now, this was a versatile product. You can wear it as a headscarf, neckerchief, or even as a bracelet. This was a perfect solution to amp up your style game, especially when you had bad hair days.

And we know that fashion diva these days could find several ways to style this fantastic product.

Best Friend Necklaces

I still remember buying these necklaces and giving one piece of it to my best friend. It represents how close-knit our bond was. And people could quickly know that we were best friends forever.

I am sure that most of you will agree that these chains were are like a walk down memory lane. And we would love to have these chains back in our life.

Friendship Bracelets

How badly we use to wait for the friendship’s day to offer a friendship band to our friends. And trust me, the giving of these bands symbolized who was our friend and ho not.

Moreover, these bands made us look like a diva in a uniform. They were available in such fun colors that you could wear them with almost every outfit.

The Bottom Line

Fashion comes and goes, but certain things remain intact to our soul. And 90s style is one such thing. Right from clothes to accessories, everything was on point. We would love to relive those fashion days again.

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