Best Blazer Styles For The Work Place -

Best Blazer Styles For The Work Place

Blazers can complete any look.

The best blazer styles for the workplace complete any corporate look, but this does not mean that you have to stick to the basic black and white color code. There are many types, styles, colors, and cuts of blazers to choose from. When choosing a blazer for the workplace, it is best to consider the overall outfit you will wear. Some blazers look better with skirts, while others with pants. Additionally, keep in mind the level of comfort you desire, especially in the shoulder area. Blazers that are too tight around the shoulders will make you uncomfortable and limit your movement. Here are some great tips in choosing the right blazer.

Blazers For Skirts

When choosing the best blazer styles to go with your skirt take into consideration the type of skirt you will be wearing. If your skirt is a straight cut or pencil skirt, then longer blazers will look great. On the other hand, if your skirt has some flare to it like A-line or racer skirts, then shorter blazers are better. Depending on the style you are going for, blazers can really compliment the skirt you are wearing and make it more attractive. Choosing the right blazer for your outfit will really go a long way in giving a professional look that creates lasting impressions.

Blazers For Pants

The best blazer styles for pants are generally long. Usually going down to your hips, blazers with pants are a classic look that you should definitely try out. For high cut pants, make sure to opt for longer blazers as this will really bring out the qualities and features of your outfit. For lower cut pants, you can opt for shorter blazers that match the length of the pant’s waistline.

The best blazers for pants are usually long.
Best Blazer Styles For The Work Place

Vintage Blazer Ladies Fashionwear

This vintage blazer has a plaid print and a classic cut. With this blazer, you can greatly enhance your fashionable style and turn any outfit into a more professional one. Mix and match this blazer with different pieces to create a stunning outfit that is sure to turn heads. Made with cotton, it has a comfortable fit and is soft and pleasant to the touch. You are sure to enjoy this piece any time of day, every day.

Best Blazer Styles For The Work Place

Blazer Fits

When it comes to the fit of your blazer, you will want to make sure that it is not tight around the shoulder. If it is, then maybe try one size larger. Having a blazer with tight shoulders will limit your movements and make you uncomfortable the longer you wear it. Go for a fit that allows you to rotate your shoulders with ease without having to struggle. Additionally, make sure you can button your blazer without any stretch. If the blazer looks stretched, then it is too small for your fit and looks unprofessional on your part.

Choosing the right fit can take some time.
Best Blazer Styles For The Work Place

Blazer Prints

Printed or patterned blazers have become a trend that is rising in popularity. When choosing the right print, make sure you keep in mind the outfit you plan on wearing. Usually printed blazers look best with plain clothing such as a simple black or white blouse. Another way to work with printed blazers is to match their print with the print of your pants or skirt. But in this case, make sure to keep a plain blouse.

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